Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back at it...kinda

I know it's been a while since I blogged but I have been busy at work and I haven't really felt like rehashing the same injury pity party stuff over again. It's tough to be hurt and not be able to do what you want. Kinda puts me in a bad mood...but I didn't bite anyone so that is a good thing. I know you can learn through adversity and it can make you stronger. I have learned through this. I definitely learned that I don't like being hurt so that means doing as the coach says LOL!

So, last Sunday I ran 3 miles at the beach. It was the first run after my 4 day layoff and I was pretty nervous. My hammy did hurt but not like it had before so I knew the layoff was a good thing. Monday was my regular off day and when I ran on Tuesday (5 miles) I wondered if I had actually been unusual pain, except that one in the butt (and no, I'm not referring to Will) which is technically called my piriformis-I think I spelled it correctly. Needless to say I was very happy!! Coach knowing best, kept me at low mileage this week and is planning to do the same next week. My total mileage for this past week was 23.5. After next week I hope to continue with harder training in preparation for the half marathon at Disneyland over Labor Day weekend.

Be careful out there in this heat. Not a good idea to run in the heat of the day. Early morning runs are the best outdoors. I ran at Benson Park and up Aversboro Rd. Friday and Saturday. It wasn't too bad at 7:00am.

This is a picture of the cool medal I get for completing the Disney World full marathon and the Disneyland half marathon in the same calendar year. Yeah, I'm ready to go!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Still on the DL

I am still having some issues with my hamstring when I run so I went for a sports massage on Wednesday. It helped some I think or at least it seems like it did. Coach said to not run for 4 days but I could walk every other day a couple of miles at an easy pace. I'm still doing my core work too. Today is the 3rd day in a row that I haven't run at all. I will try an easy 3 miles on Sunday at the beach, which is my favorite place to run, so I am really looking forward to that.

I am trying to stay positive and not use food as a stress reliever. I always struggle with eating and being injured and slightly depressed (well, more than slightly I guess) about it makes the struggle even harder. Many people have been encouraging me and making me laugh...this has helped keep my mind occupied with something other than the fact I haven't run for 3 days in a row...

The following post on I love to run's FB page really spoke to me: "It is difficult to train for a marathon; but it is even more difficult to not be able to train for a marathon."

My eyes are on February 18, so I need to get healthy now to begin my training soon!
Thanks for taking time to read my blog. Your comments are always welcome!

This is a picture of my family at the Angels Among Us 5K race at Duke. A few were unable to come this year. We run in memory of my daddy, Larry Robert Johnson, who died from a brain stem tumor. The end of this month marks 17 years that he has been gone. I think of Fred and Ethel aka mama and daddy everyday...

Friday, July 8, 2011

HDL, LDL and total cholesterol levels

I have been waiting since last week for my lab results to come back showing my cholesterol levels. I was particularly interested in my HDL (good) cholesterol level. In 2007, before I began Weight Watchers, my HDL number was 23. This put me at high risk for heart problems. The doctor told me it could be raised to the goal number of greater than 40 through exercise, losing weight, and possibly medicine. I began taking medicine but since my insurance did not cover it, I quickly stopped the presciption. Since then I have been doing all of the above, except the medicine. I added fish oil supplements to my diet each day this past year. Last year my number was 40 and I wasn't sure how I could exercise anymore than I was at that point but I did increase my exercise, lost a little more weight, and am HAPPY-very Happy- to report that my HDL number is 46!! It jumped 6 points in one year!! My LDL number is 96-the goal is less than 130. My total cholesterol is a 156...pretty good!!

And it all began with going to that first WW meeting and walking 10 minutes on the treadmill!

Shout out to John Adamof--he is running his 5th marathon tomorrow at Grandfather Mt. Run well my friend!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do What Y0U Can...

More on my hamstring issues...I didn't run until Tuesday and then only 4 miles. Okay, I know when I say "only" some of you snort and think...but, well...anyway, when one is used to running 6 or more miles at a time, 4 miles is an "only" so that's why it comes out like that sometimes...I had core class that evening and was able to do all of the exercises, except I cheated on a couple that threatened to pull on my hammy. Shh...I don't think BMack noticed. Ran 4 miles on Wednesday and could tell I was overcompensating and my gait felt very weird, which was causing my shins to hurt so I played the mental game and finally relaxed enough to run my normal gait, or close to it anyway. I think I was scared to run normally for fear I would pull it again. Today-Thursday, I felt the most normal since last week and eeked out 5 miles. I didn't want to push it too soon.

So, there are all these quotes in the weight room at school and one really stood out to me this week, "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." John Wooden said this and it made me think that even though I am not running my normal mileage at the moment, I can still do my core work and work on that extra flab on my arms and run some low mileage. That's for now...for the future...I think, I may never qualify for Boston (Lord, please help Will if I don't cause he's gotta live with me) or run any faster than I do now (not that I'm all that fast, but I've never finished last in a race) but I can keep in shape and run consistently and enjoy it all the while.

When we compare ourselves to others it can cause disappointment, anger, and despair. Better to focus on what we are able to do and try to improve those areas. Easy to say, hard to do.

Stay focused and consistent this week. You have to decide you are going to make a change and then do it! Today is the day to begin the run...tomorrow never comes!!
Blessings to you!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Injuries and aches

Each day I run, something hurts...I will say, I had no unusual pains and generally, I have good runs. There have been a few times, now more than ever that I have not been able to run my normal schedule. This weekend is one of those times. Pretty sure I overdid it at the track meet on Wed night. Woke up Thursdsy morning with a sore hamstring or hammy. I waited until that evening to try and run but could only stomach that sharp pain for one mile. No running Friday and it started feeling better so I ran 5 miles on Saturday. Each step hurt, a dull hurt, but a hurt nonetheless. Bummer! I am not going to run today either and this depresses me greatly but I know if I don't let it heal, I will be really depressed when it is time for my half in September. According to Jeff Galloway, if you don't run for 1-5 days straight, you only lose about 1% of your conditioning. I am hoping this is true!
So, if you get injured or have those passing aches, take a rest day or 2. It is hard for me to take my own advice but I know it is true. Consistency is the key and a few days of no running will not erase all the training you have done! Maybe I will go for a swim?