Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fit-tastic, Fair food and Fun classes

This was a good week of running. Total mileage = 37.98 miles. Had a great time with my buddies at Fit-tastic Monday and Wednesday night. Very exciting to see others do something they didn't think they could accomplish.
I ran a 15 miler on Saturday and found some new sidewalks and other places to run around Garner. The last 3 miles were somewhat difficult, but I kept trudging along and finished at a good, slow time of 2:31. The long runs are all about slow and being on your feet for a long, long time. The full will be here before I know it...I'm very excited-but you know that already.

I am still waiting for registration to open for the Dec class where I will hopefully be USATF Level 1 certified to coach. In the meantime, I found something else on the USATF site. It is called the United States Sports Academy and they have different educational programs to choose from. At some point in the near future, I want to work with runners and help them reach their goals. I know that I need a lot of experience, so the US Sports Academy will be a huge help. I signed up for my first class and can't wait for my book to come in so I can get started.

The course is called, Scientific Principles of Coaching and the description:
--In order to optimize performances, guarantee safety, and promote well-being in athletes, coaches must constantly update and modify their coaching practices by regularly seeking out new knowledge in the sport sciences. This course is designated to teach coaches to be active consumers and appliers of scientific information.--

My nephew Ricky Buffaloe, Jr. is getting married on Saturday. I am so excited for him. We love Britney Jones and welcome her to our family. She's a runner too! I can't say now, cause it is a surprise, but something is happening at the rehearsal dinner that will be most hilarious!!

And, one more thing-the NC State Fair is here this week! I love the fair-not the rides but the food! Sometimes people make comments about my food choices like if I eat some cake or candy, they ask, "are you supposed to eat that?" or, "you eat junk food?" I posted this on FB but wanted you all to know as well, that I ate an entire bag of cotton candy, almost an entire funnel cake, Al's Fries and almost an entire Butcher boys steak sandwich last Thursday night. When I go back this week, I will eat more of the same. Yes, I watch what I eat but, all things in moderation. I don't do this every week. Just sayin'

Have a good week. Here are 2 quotes from I Love to Run:
The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret.
Run hard when it's hard to run.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The lowdown since mid-September

Yes, I know it has been a while since I last wrote. If I say I've been busy, will you believe me? Isn't that what we all say, even though we know it isn't entirely true. But, here I am again. A short (maybe...) rundown on what's been happening in my world of running and other.

I had a birthday September 21 and turned 41! Hard to believe a year has already gone by since all that hoopla when I turned 40! Now, I know most women don't want you to know their age, but me, I don't care. I'm proud to be 41 and in the best shape of my life! Time for a short commercial--You can make a change today and begin yourself too! Remember, my first training entry was walking 10 minutes on the treadmill...Now 4 years later and 63 pounds I am.

I ran a woman's only 5K the end of September and placed 2nd in the masters category and 6th overall. This was my first race last year in the master's category, so I was excited to run it again.

I am looking forward to the Monster Dash 5K at TAF on October 30. I want to dress like Mickey or Minnie Mouse but I also want a good time so...maybe I'll just dress like a TAF team member. haha

Fit-tastic has been going well and I look forward to the run group every Monday and Wednesday. We have slowly been upping the time and distance for the time improvement group and I am excited to see how they all do on October 30. Helping this group has also solidified in my mind that I want to work with beginner runners, etc in the future. I am planning to take a coaching certification class in December and following a passing grade on the exam, I will be a USATF Level 1 certified coach. This is a small thing but little by little I am trying to learn from those around me and have especially learned so much from my coach. Thanks BMack!

My marathon training is going well. I guess you can say, I am building my base mileage now and the official marathon training will begin after the Oct 30 race. Regardless, the marathon is pretty much all I think about. I am planning to run another half marathon the first of November (City of Oaks) and hope I have a better showing than Disneyland. I have been to a massage therapist a couple of times for my legs. My quads are tight and my hamstrings have been "paying the price" so to speak. It is a lot better and I surely wish I could run with no pain but if I ever had that happen, I would think something was wrong. haha! Oh well, it's only money right.

Aight, this brings you up to speed. I'll try not to be so long in between next time.
I appreciate you taking time to read my ramblings and for all of you that encourage me in this thing called running I'm doing.

A special thanks to my best friend, soulmate, and husband Will aka rach-cause he is a good cook. He is the one who has to put up with my OCD tendencies and listen to my running stories over and over and remind me that yes, I really am a runner. And, he is the one who cares the most and wants me to succeed. I'm glad he finally gave in to his true feelings about running and got a shirt that says it all, from his perspective at least...Running Sucks. He supports me 100% but for himself, he will never be a "runner". That's okay-one runner in the family is expensive enough and I do need someone to hold my stuff during the races anyway. Thank you Will!! And, by the way, it's time for a new pair of trainers. Just an FYI...:)