Thursday, October 4, 2012

Upcoming Races and New Logo

Fit-tastic group is doing well. The target 5K race is the Monster Dash at Capital RunWalk on October 28. I'm excited to see how the group does. It is neat to hear many of them comment how much they can tell they have improved and how much easier it is to run than when we began. I have officially begun my marathon training. Disney is only 3 months away so I better get busy. I have to increase my own endurance and get those 20 milers in. After the Monster Dash, I will have a couple other races before Disney. I'm running my first relay with some of the runners from CapRun. The City of Oaks Marathon Relay is early November. Then the 8K at Myrtle Beach is Thanksgiving Day. I will once again try to lower my PR at this race, take a nap, eat some turkey, and then go night shopping with all the other crazies at the beach. I don't usually race in December, but I'm planning to run the Jingle Bell because it is early December and won't interfere with the last weeks of training before the Goofy/Dopey Challenge. Speaking of Disney, I have to plan 3 days of racing and what to wear, not to mention the shoes...This will take some thought. One last thing, I have a new logo for NEXT STEP. It's very cool! My next run group will be after Disney, around the 3rd week of January. I'll post details at a later date.

Happy running and when you face those down days, just hold your head up and realize that's what it is, just another day and it will pass. Consistency in training is important! I have to remind myself of this quote a lot (I have it at my desk too) "It's hard to train for a marathon, but it's even harder to not train for one."