Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 Myrtle Beach Marathon-Marathon #6!

I knew it wasn't going to be a BQ kinda day for the MB marathon. As I've mentioned in previous posts, my training cycle was far below what it should have been for marathon racing because of sickness and that darn foot thingy. But...there is always a glimmer of hope. Each time I toe that start line, I believe there is always a possibility I may have the best race of my life and finally reach that goal. If ever I lose that glimmer, I'll probably hang up all my racing flats...
I helped out with packet pickup on Thursday night and was able to see my buddies from last year. I always get excited about PPUD and this was no exception! On Friday, I volunteered at the Grand Strand Running Club booth and saw many of my friends from NC coming to race. Again, a fun and exciting time.
The race itself was my best for that day. Still figuring out my nutrition but it was a lot better than before. I ran several miles with my CRW race team member Trey Michael and some with his wife, Amy. Mostly, I was on my own and found myself thinking ahead to my short distance training and the next marathon, which will most likely be MB again. On an extremely happy note, the man from last year who collapsed on the course and I saw them doing CPR was actually running in the half this year. Wow! You can't keep a runner down I guess! My time was 4:28...Not my best, but not my worst either. It is what it is and now it is time for a new training season.

Happy Running to you all!!
Follow Your Dream!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Krispy Kreme Challenge Complete!

The Krispy Kreme Challenge is as the name suggests...a challenge. You need to have a plan. I had a plan and executed it very well! Even though the course was longer this time, I was still able to finish 2 minutes faster! So, my plan was as follows: Have 2 bottles of water Pair of plastic gloves Gallon ziploc bag Run the first half as quick as I can Grab my box and begin eating the first doughnut while looking for a place to sit Smash 3 "cold nows" at a time in the ziploc bag Chew as quickly as I can and drink water to wash them down With a little over half a doughnut left make my way to the chute to show my empty box Put the rest in my mouth, continue chewing, show my empty box and take off running Refrain from smacking the smart aleck 2 blocks up asking if any of us wanted another doughnut haha! And most important, keep your eyes straight ahead to avoid any interesting sights on the ground. Pretty good plan. My splits were 19 min to run 2.5 miles, a little under 12 minutes to eat the cold nows, and 21 minutes to run back 2.5 miles. My finishing time was 52:02! yay! I did feel like I was going to get sick a couple of times and then especially near the finish when those 2 people lost their stomach contents. All in all it was a fun race. I don't want to see a doughnut anytime soon-probably about 4 months-that's what it took last time anyway. Thanks for reading!!