Monday, July 23, 2012

The shoe review of an addicted runner...I only have 15...

Yes, I own a lot of running shoes but you will come to understand they all have a different purpose for me. I have a neutral foot and enjoy wearing minimalist shoes even during my long training runs. My feet do very well with the lighter weight shoes. I wear racing flats for training shoes but it works for me.
I am probably termed a Brooks girl but wear Saucony and Mizuno brands as well.

Here is my personal shoe review of my trainers and racers and even one shoe that is a loser...

Beginning left to right in the back:

Row 4: These shoes are on the way out, I don't wear them too much anymore, except for some junk miles or when the weather is muddy.
  1. Brooks Launch: A nice trainer shoe, I just can't wear them over 7 miles or they hurt my feet.
  2. Brooks Pure Connect: A minimalist shoe that I am trying to like. It's been a hard sell. My mind isn't made up on this one yet.
  3. Mizuno Wave Rider 14: A trainer shoe I used to wear all the time before I switched to Brooks. I love the hard feel on the bottom.
  4. Mizuno Wave Rider 14: See above description

Row 3:
  1. Brooks Green Silence: These shoes are really racing flats but I use them for my training. Proud I have almost 643 miles on these shoes!! I love, love, love them...and they are going to quit selling them. Boo!!
  2. Blue Brooks Green Silence: I just call them blue to distinguish from the black and purple ones. Same as above
  3. Saucony Kinvara 3: These may be the replacement trainers for my Green Silence when I can't buy them anymore. These remind me of the Mizuno Wave Riders with the hard bottom. Love them!
  4. Purple Green Silence: Still in the box waiting to use. 

Row 2:
  1. Mizuno Ronin 3:These I call my "loser marathon shoes" because they let me down in my big qualifier marathon and therefore they will never grace another "big race" again! Loser!! Thanks a lot!!
  2. Brooks T6 Racers: My 5K and 8K racing flats. They make me feel like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz and I pretend I can move fast! Sometimes I actually do haha.
  3. Saucony Fastwich:My 5K racing flats I wear sockless. It is a different feel and I enjoy racing with the wind running through my toes.
  4. Mizuno Ronin 2: My yellow Mickey marathon shoes. These have done well for me in long distances and I'm not done with them yet!

Row 1:
  1. Nike Zoom Spikes: I wear these sockless at the track meets during the summer. They make me feel fast!
  2. Saucony Kinvara Trail: Since I'm helping coach Cross Country this year, I figured I needed some trail shoes. These are more minimalist and crossover to run on asphalt as well. I've enjoyed them so far.

So, there you have it. I wear the Brooks Green Silence, Blue Green Silence and Saucony Kinvara 3 mostly. 

I do have a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders down at the beach for the time I actually decide to run on the sand. Not sure when that time will come but the shoes are there waiting.

Hope you enjoyed my little review. I think I have all different terrains covered but if you can think of another kind of shoe I need, just let me know...:)

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Sara said...

Nice, Dawn! I'm thinking about stepping into the world of Kinarva's and am glad to see that you like them (I'm neutral, too). Currently wearing the Ride/Mizuno Wave Rider but am leaning more towards Saucony these days.

Hope to see you around soon!