Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fit-tastic Completed and Other Interesting Things!

Since my last blog many things have happened:
The fall Fit-tastic season finished and several ran in the Monster Dash 5K at CRW. They did a fantastic job! I was very proud of them! Several have made a commitment to continue running! Yay!

I was a "medaler" (handed out finisher medals) at the Myrtle Beach mini marathon. I had a great time! It was neat to see people crossing the finish line and accomplishing various goals. For all you racers, just know this, there are many things that occur at the finish line that we have no idea up vomit, proposals, medic assistance, etc. It was a wonderful experience!!

 I competed in my first relay race. Jackie, Ed, Ronnie and I were on the marathon relay team for Capital RunWalk at the City of Oaks Marathon. It was a different but fun experience. Our team finished 15th overall with a time of 3:34. Not too bad for a bunch of oldies! haha! Blue Ridge Relay here we come!!

I did my first 20 miler of my marathon training plan yesterday. Only 8 weeks until the Dopey challenge! I'm so excited to be racing again at Disney! I've gotta start choosing my racing wardrobe! 3 different days = 3 different shoes, 3 different outfits, etc. What fun!!

NEXT STEP Performance Training begins again! January 7 is the information and registration meeting! Check out the information on my FB page. Email me with any questions!

New things I've been doing during my training include:
1. Using 5 hour energy during my long runs (I will use this during races too)
2. Taking a caffeine pill before my long runs
3. Wearing compression socks and sleeves (during long and short runs and sometimes none at all) I like them!

And, last but not least, a new opportunity for coaching...this one at Myrtle Beach. If all works out, I will be part of a training committee with the Grand Strand Running Club to help train beginner, etc. runners for a target 5K race in March. I am very excited about this opportunity!!

Thank you for taking time to read! Remember: Run hard when it's hard to run!
Team 1: Lindsey, Candace, Barry, Dunford
/Team 2: Jackie, Dawn, Ed, Ronnie