Friday, July 26, 2013

My Daddy, Larry Robert Johnson, aka Fred!

Never will I forget where I was on July 27,1994 at 4:00pm. We knew his time was short when he was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor some 16 months earlier and as I sat beside his bed that afternoon, I watched for him to take his last breath. Many things kept going around in my mind...I wished I could ride in that green truck one more time, I wished I could hear him call me "Buzzard Bait" one more time, I wished I could watch him swim the entire length of the pool holding his breath one more time, I wished we could play with the bouncy balls in the house one more time, I wished I could have one of his awesome meals one more time, I wished I could see him eat a can of sardines one more time, and I wished he wouldn't die that day. 56 years old is too soon to be gone! As I held his hand, he took his last breath and I knew he was at peace in Heaven and not in pain. I was the one feeling pain and sorrow. Many say I look most like my dad and am built like him with a short, stocky frame. He taught me so many things, he was the strongest man I knew and could do just about anything. I learned how to work hard and persevere in the face of defeat and I learned how hard he was willing to fight as I watched him over those 16 months during his illness. To those reading this who still have their parents I encourage you to call them or go see them as much as you can! We don't know what tomorrow brings... To my Daddy-aka Fred-you are greatly missed and I love you and think of you every single day! I know MamaWassie was so happy to see you and Uncle Charlie again!

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