Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Disneyland on the horizon

Base building has been my focus over the last few weeks and it is going very well! My foot has been doing great and my fitness classes are helping me get stronger. The Disneyland half is Labor Day weekend and I am ready to go! Not only do I get to run in California but we are also planning to go to Del Mar for a horse race and take the Dearly Departed Helter Skelter tour! So excited! Sometimes I get sad though, because as I write this, I only have 5 more full days left at the only job I've ever known. Though I will be moving to my second career and doing something I love, aka running...I will miss Wake Christian Academy. It has been my rock these past 21 years and I am thankful for my time there. Okay, back to running...I'm currently coaching a former student with my 4 week jump start program. He is very motivated to improve his running and I can't wait to see his progress! If you are wanting to begin a running routine, let me know and I can help you get started safely. That's all for now!
Run Happy and follow your dreams! You never know what tomorrow holds.

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