Friday, May 31, 2013

Foot Problems Gone...for good hopefully!

Happy to report that my foot problems seem to have gone by the wayside. I'm beginning to ramp up my training again. I haven't run 30 miles in a week since Myrtle Beach full. Grrr... Time to begin building my base mileage for marathon training, which begins again in a few months. I'm planning to follow the Hanson Brothers plan for my fastest marathon yet! Woohoo! Lots of new and exciting things have been happening since February... 1. I've been taking Bootcamp classes 2 times a week and this has really helped my foot get stronger! I've not always suggested cross training but I am a believer now. I think most runners could benefit from some lateral training, cross fit, and or Bootcamp classes. I have personally seen a difference in myself. 2. I am working on getting certified to be a personal trainer so I can teach fitness classes along with coaching runners. 3. My Fit-tastic group at CapRun has averaged about 25-30 people during this session. Our target race is June 8. I'm soo proud of them all! 4. I've been working in Myrtle Beach at Black Dog Running Co. a few times a month. Most importantly, I still love running! A few things I've learned through this foot injury: 1. Sometimes it takes a while to heal, don't rush it or you will be sorry. 2. If you decrease your mileage, you need to decrease your calorie intake. I didn't learn this one until I had gained those extra pounds...still working to get them off. Umm...yeah... 3. Doing other forms of exercise besides running is okay. is okay. That's all for now. I've got an 8K in the morning here at Williamsburg. Time for nighty night...

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111 LaLa Lane said...

Hey Dawn! Love your blog! Thanks for sharing it with us. Good Luck on your 8K! I have one next weekend in Simpsonville.

Your newest follower,
Laurie (Myrtle Beach)