Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dopey Challenge

The Goofy/Dopey Challenge will be here soon! I can't say this has been the greatest of training cycles, actually it has been a terrible training cycle! From being sick to having my foot give me problems, it has seemed like a never ending battle to finally get to taper time. I've been grouchy enough these past few months that I don't think anyone will notice it is taper time, haha! I honestly don't know what is going to happen that weekend but you can be sure that my stubbornness will manifest itself many times. Nevertheless, it is Disney after all, and I will enjoy racing with all the other Mickey Mouse lovers! Let me clarify that I will be running the 5K and half marathon at an easy pace. I will be racing the full...still dreaming of that BQ. It most likely won't happen at Disney but I have to at least start out with that mentality and they do have a 3:45 pace group so... On a happier note, my run group, NEXT STEP Performance Training begins Jan 21. I will also be coaching with some others down in Myrtle Beach beginning Jan 6. I'm very excited about these opportunities! Fit-tastic begins in early March so I'm gearing up for some busy months ahead. Thank you for your get out there and exercise!

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